Travel has so many incredible benefits.

Over the last few years of my travels, I’ve learned that I can return with so much more if I invest in bringing one thing with me every trip.


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Travel N Sh!t

Mindful Traveler Course!

This seven day course incorporates the gifts of seven talented Black women in the wellness space. We’ve come together to share their talents in sound healing, yoga, meditation, breath work, reiki, nutrition and self affirming spaces.

While in new environments and exploring new activities I’ve found it incredibly helpful to constantly check in with myself. How am I experiencing myself in this moment? What do I want to do with this information about myself? I’ve curated a 7 day experience to help you stretch yourself and spend some time each day being intentionally mindful while abroad. Each day, I give you a different activity that will guide you in exploring your experience of yourself and an optional worksheet with travel journal prompts.

Travel is so much more than vacation. Transform your vacation into a life experience by being an intentional traveler. Sign up for this free seven day course and use it to align yourself with yourself by spending some time each day being mindful.

This course helped me slow down. With all the travel excitment I experience in a new place, this absolutley guided me to practices that allowed me to get and grow the most during this trip and trips going forward!"

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Travel N Sh!t

Mindful Traveler Course!

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