Planning Your First Solo Trip -
The "Six Piece N A Carrie On" Method

I've been able to visit about 25 countries in 3 years using this 6 step process!

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    Podcast Host

    Who am I?

    As a solo traveling Black woman who didn’t leave the country until I was thirty one, I know first hand the narrative of “I don’t have the money or know how to travel like ‘them.’” Wanting to hear more about the experiences of travel from the hood adjacent perspective of a woman such as myself, I started Travel N Sh!t to share how I’ve changed after learning “travel is more than vacation”. My podcast Travel N Sh!t has given me the perfect platform to discuss and absorb the ways the experiences of travel flow into every facet of life. I want to impress upon travelers of color the accessibility and profound effects of seeing the world and growing through intentional travel.

    What will you learn?

    My six step model has yet to fail me. Every trip I take, I consider these particular areas and build my trip around how each destination measures up in each. In this course you'll learn how I find and book accomodations, experiences, source out food, night life, wellness outlets and free activites with budget, intention (mood) and sense (safety) in mind. Learn from my mistakes and skip the learning curve.